Employee Spotlights


Frank and Donna Vargo

Frank has been driving for us for 8 years as of last month. He is a dependable retiree with great work ethics and one of the best personalities I have ever encountered.

3 years ago his van route required a monitor on it. That’s when he encouraged his wife Donna to retire and join him at GG&C. Ever since then they have been a great team for us.

I would like to say thank you Frank and Donna. We appreciate you both.

- Dan Porter, Manager

- Dan Porter, Manager

Tony and Sandy Santoro

Tony started working at GG&C after retiring in 2005. At that time he started working closely with Dave Good to become a great Trainer/Instructor. Tony has helped many drivers at GG&C through the years and still does. I would like to personally thank Tony for all the advice he shares with all of us.

One year after being hired he was training his wife Sandy. Ever since they have been transporting children to and from school in their community. Today Sandy’s school route takes her right through the middle of her neighborhood. How cool is that?

We have enjoyed every minute that you two have been here and I would like to say thank you to both of you.

- Dan Porter, Manager

Dave Good

Dave Good has been employed with GG&C since its inception on July 1, 1967.  As the son of one of the founding members of GG&C (Good, Gower and Clark), Dave began his career completing the grants and paperwork for the company and Washington City Transit to ensure the citizens of Washington had a transit bus service and ADA rides. Upon retiring from teaching, he began driving students the school buses, and truly enjoys the responsibility.

Dave’s current role as a School Bus Instructor and Spare Driver allows him to jump into different routes and help onboard our new employees to GG&C. He enjoys the challenges that this brings to his day. Dave has driven EVERY route in the company and prides himself on making sure that our students have the safest possible drivers.

We are proud to have Dave on our team, and his smiling face, and positive attitude is always appreciated!

- Dan Porter, Manager

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